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As usual there was a good turnout for this weekend. Highlights were Bullers Wood School and Livingstone House, both open for the first time this year, and the tower at the Annunciation Church. Thanks to the managers of the buildings.


Once again, we are joining forces with London Open House to celebrate Chislehurst’s heritage of fine architecture, and we have arranged free access to some of our finest buildings during the weekend of 19th and 20th September.  London Open House is a registered charity that aims to promote pride in and awareness of architecture and the built environment in the Greater London area, and we are pleased to be working with them.  We would like to thank the managers and custodians of the buildings involved.New buildings this year include Bullers Wood School, and Livingstone House.

Church of the Annunciation, High Street
1868-1870 ragstone, in Early English style, by James Brooks; later work, including tower, by Edward J May, circa 1930. Interesting interior, wall paintings and mosaic.  Spectacular views from Tower.
(Please note that the Tower will only be open for visits on Saturday, hourly between 10am and 4pm, and a small charge will be made.)
Open: Saturday 9.30am – 5.00pm.  Sunday 11.30am – 5.00pm
Services: Sunday 8.00am and 10.00am.

Bullers Wood School, St Nicholas Lane, Logs Hill
Victorian stucco-fronted house, extended in 1888 by Ernest Newton. William Morris redesigned the interior at the same time. The library has a William Morris hand-painted ceiling.
Open: Saturday, 10.00am – 1.00pm (last entry 12.30pm)
Camden Place, Camden Park Road - Chislehurst Golf Club
Fine 18th - 19th Century Mansion. Much work by Charles Dance the younger in 1780 and 1807. Home of Napoleon III and family in the 1870s.
Open for pre-booked guided tours only: Saturday 10.00am, 11.00am. Sunday 11.00am.
Dress: No trainers, jeans, T-shirts please.
Christ Church, Lubbock Road
1872 ragstone, in Early English style, by Habershon and Pite. Contains some fine stained glass. Fine new atrium linking the church to the church hall.
Open: Saturday 10.00am –  2.00pm
Services: Sunday 9.00am, 10.45am and 6.30pm.
Farringtons & Stratford House School Chapel, Perry Street
1933 brick, with short octagonal crossing tower, by Courtney M Crickmer. Beautiful stained glass. Bronze doors cast in Chubb works, Sydney, New South Wales.
Open: Saturday 10.00am – 12.00 noon.  Sunday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Livingstone House, Beechcroft
Built c.1869, architect unknown.. Originally Camden Wood, owned by the Vanner family, who engaged George Watto (who helped bring back the body of Dr Livingstone from Africa) as gardener. Reputed that the house was built as a home for Livingstone. Highly ornamented doorway, much original Victorian woodwork, and Adam style dining room, a verandah and well-maintained gardens. Good views to the south. Now belongs to the Unification Church.
Open: Saturday 9.00am – 7pm. Sunday 1pm – 7pm

Services: Interfaith Fellowship: Sundays, 10.30 am.
Methodist Church, Prince Imperial Road
1868-1870 ragstone, Early English style. Tall stone spire, rose window, apsidal chancel. Finely carved lectern by Sir George Hayter Chubb.
Open: Saturday 10.00am – 12.00 noon and 2.00pm – 5.00pm.  Sunday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Services: Sunday 10.30am.
St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Crown Lane/Hawkwood Lane
1854 ragstone, Early English style, by William Wardell. Chapel 1874, by Henry Clutton, in French Gothic style. Memorials to Prince Imperial and Napoleon III. Fine rose window.
Open: Saturday 10.30am – 12.00 noon.  Sunday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Services: Saturday 10.30am, Sunday 9.30am and 11.00am.
St Nicholas’ Church, Manor Park Road
Medieval Parish Church, with tower and broach spire. South aisle 1849. Scadbury Chapel with finely carved screen, circa 1460. Walsingham Tomb and many memorial tablets.
Open: Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm.  Sunday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Services: Sunday 8.00am, 9.30am, 11.15am Matins and  6pm.
St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Red Hill
1930 cinema converted to Church in 1961. Retains original tip-up seating. Projection room now organ loft.
Open: Saturday 10.00am – 12.00 noon and 2.00pm – 5.00pm.  Sunday 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Services: Sunday 8.30am, 10.00am and 5.30pm.