St Nicholas Churchyard Celebration

St Nicholas

Following the restoration of key monuments in the Churchyard, including the fence, the Village Cross, the Jenner memorial, and the graves of William Willett and Henry Tiarks, the Church held a celebration of the churchyard on the morning of 26 September.

A large group of people, including members of the Tiarks' family, visited these important sites and heard a short eulegy on each one. The bell ringers maintained a masterly ringing of the church bells, pausing only to enable the congregation to the hear the readings at each of the monuments/

The Tiarks' group went on the St Mary's Church where there are more graves of members of the family, and then on to visit Foxbury, the home of Henry Tiarks.

It was an enjoyable if poignant morning, but one enjoyed by everyone.

Please let us have your comments on the day, and any photographs that you took that morning.

The photograph of St Nicholas on the right was taken by Nicholas Pearl, a prizewinner in the photographic competition