Chislehurst Artists - Art Exhibition

Saturday October 3rd, Age Concern Centre

ExampleChislehurst Artists is an active group with a lively and mixed programme of events throughout the year.

The group has brought forward one of their regular exhibitions in Chislehurst to fall within the Festival.

During the year Chislehurst Artists have at least six demonstrations which cover different mediums, subjects and techniques. Some of the demonstrators are also contributors to The Artist or Leisure Painter publications. There are sometimes speakers on the History of Art or Art and Artists. They also have practical sessions for life or still-life drawing and painting, as well as social evenings.

This year, from the end of April until the end of October they are organising a self-help art group which will meet weekly. Anybody interested in joining this should contact them.

Subscription: Currently the subscription to become a member of Chislehurst Artists is £25 a year. This covers the cost for the demonstrators and usually the social evenings, although we do hold raffles from time to time to boost our funds. We do not aim to make money but to be self financing covering our costs for the hire of the hall.

There is no cost for attending the Exhibition.


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