Celebration of Francis WollastonWollaston

Sunday, 18 September, 9.30am (Church Service) and 10.30am Churchyard, St Nicholas Church

Join the congregation of the Parish Church of St. Nicholas in celebrating the life, ministry, and family of the Rev. Francis Wollaston (pictured right, with St Nicholas Church at bottom right of the print) at its 9:30 a.m. Parish Eucharist on Sunday, 18 September.

Francis Wollaston was the Rector for 46 years (1769-1815) of St Nicholas, which was then the parish Church for all of Chislehurst. He was nationally recognized as a scholar, a brilliant amateur astronomer, and a person of exceptional personal integrity. It is reported that the Wollaston family has provided more members of the Royal Society than any other English family, and there is no doubt that a number of the most distinguished scholars, scientists, businessmen, and public figures of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries in British life have been direct lineal descendants of Francis Wollaston.

It is quite appropriate that this year's Chislehurst Festival should include a celebration of his life.

The 9:30 Parish Eucharist will concentrate on the life and ministry of Wollaston. Following the service there will be procession to the area of the the Churchyard where Francis, his wife Althea Hyde Wollaston, and a number of their 17 children are buried. The graves and monuments will be pointed out and mention made of the significance of Wollaston progeny. Then everyone will be invited to a reception in the Church Hall.

This will give us all an opportunity to meet several of the 21st century descendants of Wollaston, to see his finest extant portrait, to view a first edition copy of his celebrated "The Map of the Heavens", and to see other reminders of the significance of one of the finest churchmen and scientists Chislehurst has known.

Free admission

No booking required

Enquiries should be made direct to St Nicholas Church tel 020 8467 0196