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Thursday 29 September, 17 High Street, 7.30 to 9pm

Australia is the biggest supplier of wine to the UK and its winemakers have charmed their way to the top by sheer over-delivery on everything they do. You could say that they have certainly over-delivered on the OAK, but that would be to ignore the gradual and subtle changes that have crept into their wines in direct response to criticism from YOU the wine drinker. Aussie wines nowadays are much more about sheer fruit quality, style, with regional differences and winemaker eccentricities and a relentless, waggy-tailed enthusiasm for the next big challenge.

Here at CHAMPION WINES we are holding an Aussie Wine Tasting, so please come along to our tasting on the 29th September and taste your way through some of the most captivating regions from Australia.

There will also be a taste test for some people who want to try their hand at guessing the grape varieties.

See also Italian Tasting on 22 September

Booking essential - admission only by ticket

Ticket price £20 (not included as part of Friends Package).

Booking direct with Champion Wines, 17 High Street, Chislehurst, BR7 5AB

Tel: 020 3581 9935, email: pc@championwines.co.uk