The falls and foibles of the kings and queens of England
devised by John Barton and presented by the Chislehurst Players.

Tuesday 27 September, 7.30pm, The Bulls Head Hotel, Royal Parade

The Hollow Crown is an entertainment about the Kings and Queens of England in music, poetry, speeches, letters and other writings from Shakespeare, Holinshed, Fanny Burney, the teenage Jane Austen and in the monarchs' own words. Devised by John Barton.

John Barton is a theatrical director, especially associated with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is a legend in the classical theatre world, rumoured to have chewed razor blades during long rehearsals early in his career. A story is told of Barton getting so into his directorial work giving notes one night, that he fell into the orchestra pit, climbed out, and dusted himself off before resuming. A great deal of the success of RSC is attributed to Barton and his unrivaled wisdom of language, verse and character.

Admission £5.00



In 2009, The Chislehurst Players presented The Toy Shop (photo above) - a racy and amusing tale of moral dilemmas in Regency times: "Very funny - wonderfully acted"; "A very interesting evening".