What Festival?

The Chislehurst Festival was organised by the Chislehurst Society as part of its 75th anniversary activities. We hope you all had a good time.


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Photo competition


It was a small but satisfying turnout for the presentation of prizes on 24 September

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Don't know where Chislehurst is?

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Chislehurst is fifteen miles south east of the centre of London, in the Borough of Bromley in the county of Kent. It has been a settlement since at least the 9thC but doesn't feature in the Domesday Book since it fell within the Royal Manor of Dartford.

Chislehurst Commons and surrounding woods have been retained and preserved from development as a result of the actions of local residents so that Chislehurst still retains an open rural aspect despite being so close to London.

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Thank you for supporting the first Chislehurst Festival.

It was a huge success..

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